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If you click on the “English – Automatic Captions” button, YouTube auto-generates caption text.

If you click “Download,” YouTube gives you a file called captions.sbv. This can be opened and edited in Notepad/TextEdit.

You can then listen to the video, editing text for accuracy and capitalization.

Alternately, you can listen and edit the caption text on YouTube, as shown here.

Note: Editing the caption text activates captions to show up by default on the video. If you want to disable this, click the “Disable” button and save your changes.

General guidelines:

  • Captions appear on-screen long enough to be read.
  • Captions are synchronized with spoken words.
  • Speakers should be identified when more than one person is onscreen or when the speaker is not visible.
  • Punctuation is used to clarify meaning.
  • Spelling is correct throughout the production.
  • Sound effects are written when they add to understanding.
  • All actual words are captioned, regardless of language or dialect.
  • Use of slang and accent is preserved and identified.
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