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  • Submitting and Reviewing Pages in Workflow
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Standard Criteria for Reviewing a Web Page
Everyone who looks at the page—the Author who created it, as well as the Editor and Publisher— should review the content on each page before it is published. Of course, common sense will tell you a lot about whether a page is ready to be published, but, at a minimum, always keep these criteria in mind.

  • Is the information factually accurate?
  • Is the content effective in its purpose?
  • Does it represent the University in an appropriate manner?
  • If there are pictures, or other copyrighted materials, has permission been obtained to use them?
  • Are pictures web-optimized and of the appropriate image quality?
  • Is everything spelled and punctuated properly, and is it free of grammatical errors?
  • Is everything aligned as it should be, and is all the spacing correct?
  • Do the typeface, headers, and other text formatting follow University guidelines?
  • Does the page function properly?
  • Are all the links working as they should?
  • Are sentences short and easy to read? Are paragraphs broken into easily scanned chunks? (A paragraph that’s more than five lines long on the page is getting difficult to read.)
  • Are headers and subheads used to help visitors scan the text and find what they’re looking for?
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