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FPLC Facilitators & Participants

Eric Dewar (CAS)

Sarah Smith (CTE)

Craig Christensen (CAS – Elec. Eng.)

Yvonne Wells (CAS – Psychology)

Rachael Kipp (CAS – Chemistry)

Zhen Zhu (SBS – Marketing)

Nancy Hackett (CAS – NESAD)



Facilitators and Community Participants need CITI Certification 

Suffolk University offers the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program as its human subjects research ethics training curriculum. All individuals working directly with human subjects or data that can be linked back to any one individual subject must fulfill this research training requirement every 2 years.

To complete CITI you must first register by visiting their webpage at, clicking on the ‘Register Here’ link and affiliating yourself with Suffolk University as the participating institution.

Pick this course:

  • Social/Behavioral Research Course: This course is designed for anyone conducting social behavioral research involving human subjects or their identifiable data.


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