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Binder Materials:

Ice Breakers

Paula Quinn - Assessment Consultant

What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Higher Education?

Searching for Research Involving Human Subjects: What is Examined? What is Exempt? What is Exasperating? (pdf article)

FPLC Davis Grant Application


The Role of the Facilitator

The Role of the Facilitator in Faculty Learning Communities (pdf article)

Lessons Learned from Year One

First Meeting (potential) Agenda Items

FPLC Meeting Sample Agenda

Choosing the Right Activity

Are You...?

Preliminary Budget Ideas

FPLC Budgets and Spending: Individual Professional Development Funds

FPLC Budgets and Spending: Food/Meals

FPLC Budgets and Spending: Conferences & Travel

Sample Budgets

Facilitator Cases

Project Timeline


Resources on FPLCs:

Introduction to Faculty Learning Communities (pdf article)


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