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Each FPLC will have an annual budget of $10,000 that can be used for up to $500 in professional development funds for each FPLC participant. This budget may also be used to fund activities and expenses for group meetings, professional development, off-campus visits, trainings, visiting speakers, food, and other relevant expenses. These funds are meant to be both practical and motivational for the participants involved.  Each FPLC facilitator will receive training on using their budget effectively and will also receive support throughout the year from the CTSE program coordinator who will facilitate budget requests.  Budget requests of more than 25% of the funds at any one time will be discussed with the FPLC facilitator group that meets with the CTSE director twice each semester.

For FPLC members who request individual professional development funds (up to $500), there are two options for payment processing:

Option 1: We can process it as supplemental pay/overload which is essentially a salary stipend via payroll. With this option the funds would be taxed. The advantage of getting a salary stipend in your paycheck is that you can use the money as you choose, so if you buy an item, it does not belong to the university- it belongs to you.

Option 2: We can make purchases for you using our budget line number, or you can request our budget line number for travel funds etc. For example, if you would like to order a book from Amazon, you can send us the information and we will purchase it.  If you plan to use your funds for a conference fee or travel, we can fill out the appropriate paperwork and purchase these items on your behalf.  Please be advised that if you plan to purchase bigger ticket items, for example, an ipad/technology item, this would belong to the university if you went with this payment option.

If you are unsure of which option would be best, we suggest you contact the CTSE and let us know how you plan to spend your stipend; together we can determine what would be best.

For group purchases requiring advance payment (conference fees, books, software purchase, consulting fees, catering, etc.):

We recommend purchasing these items through the CTSE. We will complete the paperwork to use the Provost credit card to make these purchases directly from our budget.  Some restaurants will allow for a credit card to be set-up in advance so that you will not need to pay on your personal card for meals.  Please check with us if you would like to set-up this option.

For group purchases requiring payment at the time of the event (meals at restaurants, travel, etc.):

Some restaurants and other venues (such as museums) will allow for a credit card to be set-up in advance so that you will not need to pay on your personal card.  Please check with us if you would like to try this option.  If you choose to use your personal card for any FPLC purchases, we will need you to keep and turn in your receipts to Rebecca Kmiec who will complete reimbursement paperwork.

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