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Opening up time slots for appointments to be made

1. Click on "Schedule"

2. Select, click on, the staff member who is creating availability in their schedule, then click and drag on a start time.

>When you click and drag you should continue to hold down your left mouse button until you select the block type.
>While holding the left mouse button, type "a" on the keyboard and you will see the block change color.
Green = New Availability
Pink = Block
Cream = New Appointment
>Release the mouse after you have tested this feature and the block is Green.

3. After you release the mouse a new screen will appear

1. Select your center
2. Number of students (typically select 1, unless you are planning group sessions where you intend to have multiple students at the same time)
0 = Drop in availability
1= 1 student per appointment allowed
2+ = Multiple students per appointment allowed
3. Date range. Most people create availability for a semester at a time.
4. Adjust your time. Sometimes the drag and drop is slightly off and you need to adjust. click on the clock and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust up and down.
5. Choose days of the week.
6. "Divide into slots" refers to how long are the appointments?
7. Check box "Split into separate availability blocks on save".
8. Click "save". your calendar is now open with available appointments.

The steps above are the basic and most useful. Every staff member has a personal preference. some will use the "breaks" options to insert a lunch break daily. Others prefer to go back after they save the basic schedule and repeat the same steps inserting pink blocks which do not allow appointments to be booked.

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