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1. Search for student

Use the Trac Navigation box to search for students. You may type in first name, last name or ID#. The system will generate a list of students related to your search. Click on the ID# to open the student record.

2. Click on history

3. Click on New

4. Create the visit

1. Click and choose date. Click on date link for today's date or the calendar icon to select a past date
2. Click on save. This creates the visit and opens up any custom fields for your center.

5. This center has a few custom fields

6. Adding your notes

Most centers do not populate location as you do not have more than one center location or a satellite center

1. Choose main reason (it sometimes differs from the reason they chose when they made the appointment)
2. Add notes
3. Choose type of contact
4. Add additional topics if relevant.
5. Click save to save all
6. Click back or "x" out of record

Every center will be slightly different in the fields for this screen. Some centers will require to know what type of contact (appointment, walk in, email) others will not. It is custom from center to center.

the option to delete the visit is only available if your security level has authorized you to delete visits. At least one team member in your center will have this ability in case of errors.

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