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How do I join the NSO?

In order to participate in the NSO, students must register for it. The course number is: MBA 001 W1. This is a 0-credit, 0-fee course.  For information on how to register for a course, visit:

When is the NSO held?

The NSO live chat is held the Thursday prior to the start of the semester from 7:00PM to 8:00PM (EST).  It is hosted online via Blackboard.

I am a newly admitted student and I get an error message when I register for the NSO.

Newly admitted students cannot register for the session on their own.  Please send an email to Ana Perez, Assistant Director, MBA Online at  Because your start date is on the first day of the semester and the NSO is held prior to the start of the semester, the system will not recognize you and will prevent you from registering.

How do I prepare for the NSO?

To prepare for the NSO or any other online course, you must purchase a headset, perform a system’s check and audio configuration on your computer system.  Please perform the system’s check and configuration on the computer you will use for your online course.  If you are using more than one computer, you must perform the test on each computer.   For headset recommendation, you may visit, SKYPE at: (please note that this is only for recommendation, you may purchase and use any headset of your choosing)

What are the technical requirements?

 For technical requirements, visit:

Do I need to buy textbooks for the NSO?

No.  You do not need a textbook or any course material for this session.   All the information you require, will be provided to you within the NSO course.

Is the NSO required?

It is highly recommended.  Many students who have participated in the NSO said:

 “I thought the Chat and the Live Classroom discussions were informative”

 “It was a good time and I'm glad I did it.”

 “I think the orientation is well worth it for first time users.  It gives students a chance to develop a comfort level with the online chat in an informal environment.  Personally it removed some of the apprehension I had.”

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