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Where do I get the Remote Access application?

Download the application here: See the Installing the Remote Access Application tutorial for more details. 

What can I access through Remote Access?

You can access your My Documents folder, shared department drives and folders, as well as select applications. 

Some examples of applications currently offered include SAS with Eventus, CRSP Sift Databases and Microsoft Office.

What operating systems are supported?

Remote Access now works on Windows, Macs, and Linux machines and on Apple and Android mobile devices. Please see the Requirements page for details.

Do I need MS Office programs on my computer to access My Documents?

No. Remote Access provides its own Microsoft Office programs. You may create, edit and view Office documents on a computer that does not have Office locally installed.

Can I save documents on my local computer?

No. Due to security restrictions, all work done using Remote Access is saved to your My Documents folder or to Shared drives accessible by you.

Can I print documents?

Yes. The Remote Access service automatically identifies the printer connected to your local computer. Once identified, you can print documents to the attached printer.

Where can I get support?

Please contact us during normal business hours for support with Remote Access.

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