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Information Technology Services, and the Academic Technology units throughout the University have a new project request process for any project that requires technology resources such as staff, time, hardware and software.  This project request process is the principal means by which the ITS and ACS project teams learns about the needs for new and improved campus technology based services. It is ideal for currently proposed projects and for the investigation stage of a new project.

New Technology Project Process and Planning

The project request process should be used by anyone planning a Suffolk University project that involves on-campus groups or constituencies. Anyone with a project in mind should complete and submit the Project Request forms that are available on the website at the following link A project request form and a project determination matrix must be completed for a project to be reviewed by ITS and ACS. This will help us to understand current resource needs as well as plan for future resource needs.

Please start engaging in the project request process as soon as you have a project in mind. A member of the ITS/ACS staff will be able to help you complete a proposal. This process will ensure that you will be connected with the appropriate ITS/ACS staff members and resources for your project to progress smoothly. For more information about this policy, visit the following page .


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