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  • 4.7.3 Establishing Temporary Shelter
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Should a temporary shelter need to be established on campus, the following requirements must be met: 

  • Accommodations of 40 square feet per person
  • Back-up power source
  • Handicap accessible
  • Heated
  • Shower and bathroom facilities
  • Personal meeting space for meetings with individuals or small groups
  • Security
  • Medical supplies
  • Access to phones

The Ridgeway Gymnasium would accommodate the needs of establishing shelter. The Red Cross has 300 cots available for use. The response time is up to 2 hours. The Red Cross must have access to the building to unload the cots, blankets, and other supplies. They will also assist in operating the shelter and providing assistance to students/guests with needs assessment and during the recovery process.
The following items are also suggested by the Red Cross:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Playing cards
  • Games
  • Newspapers
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