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  • 4.7.2 Departmental Responsibilities
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Suffolk University Police

  • Provide access to the alternate locations if necessary
  • Notify the Residence Life & Housing Office or the Administrator on Call of the need to move the residents to an alternate facility

Residence Life & Housing

  • Provide instruction and familiarization in evacuation and designated alternative facilities procedures as part of mandatory residence hall floor meetings
  • Maintain current residents lists by floor and have them available for RA staff use in taking a head count and determining status of residents
  • Provide other services to students as the situation may mandate

Facilities Management

  • Allow janitorial and other staff to assist University Police and Residence Life & Housing personnel in fulfilling their responsibilities in providing an alternative facility

Office of Risk Management

  • Contact University insurance carriers
  • The Emergency Manager will notify the Incident Support Team as necessary
  • Assist in determining alternate facilities for students and staff


  • The Emergency Manager will be responsible for notifying the Vice President/Treasurer of the time residents are moved into alternative facilities
  • The Director of Residence Life & Housing, or their designee, will be responsible for notifying the Dean of Students at the time residents are moved into alternative facilities
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